Supports Tags of EXIF/IPTC & XMP Metadata

Photos EXIF Editor supports read/write of all the popular Tech Tags.

Tech Tags

Supported Tags

Photos EXIF Editor includes support for EXIF, IPTC & XMP metadata tags. Below is the category wise list of the supported tags in the app:

Category Sub-section Tags
EXIF General Artist; Image Description; Copyright; Software; User Comment
Camera Camera Make; Model; Owner Name; Serial Number
Date Date/Time Original; Creation Date; Modify Date
Camera Settings ISO; F Number; Focal Length; Focal Length In 35mm Format; Flash; Orientation
Advance Camera Settings Exposure Mode; Exposure Program; Exposure Time; Metering Mode; Scene Capture Type; White Balance; Saturation; Sensing Method; Sharpness; Subject Distance Range
Lens Lens Make (as per app’s standards); Lens Model (as per app’s standards); Lens Serial Number (as per app’s standards)
GPS Latitude; Latitude Ref, Longitude; Longitude Ref; Altitude; Altitude Ref
IPTC Author Author By-line; By-lineTitle; Copyright Notice
Information Headline; Caption-Abstract; Writer-Editor; Object Name; Category; Supplemental Categories; Keywords
Location Sub-location; City; Province-State; Country-Primary Location Name; Country-Primary Location Code
Workflow Original Transmission Reference; Special Instructions; Credit; Source
XMP Data General Serial number; Lens; Create Date; Modify Date
GPS(XMP) Latitude; Longitude
Photoshop Date Created